open drapes
and the road goes ever on and on
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Arp Museum Rolandseck by Carsten aus Bonn


if u want me to go into a blind rage with a minimum of two words, just say “gal pals”

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from new tokyo standard by takashi homma, 2001
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Neck kisses 💋
The band Massive Attack delivers solidarity message for Gaza. (via Khaled Bey)
14:29"Your neck looks best when you
are drinking wine right from the
bottle and I know the length you
like to keep your fingernails. You
are cute when you hum to music
and think no one is listening. I
like to watch your hands when
you are talking on the phone and
imagining I’m the only person in
the world who knows these details.
If you ever go missing, I will
describe you to the police by
explaining the way your breath
sounds and how your jaw looks
when you are laughing." — anne, little things (via endangerment)q (via rnuji)

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Fuck everyone who donated to that potato salad kid tbh.

There are teenagers on this site that ask for donations and they don’t get shit. There are people on here who simply need money to move out, there are people on here who need to get out of a horrible situation at home, and they don’r get shit.

But some guy makes a kickstarter for a fucking prank and he gets 61k.

He better donate that money to people who need it.

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I keep drawing hands because I miss holding yours